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As of March 2023, I am no longer accepting new clients, and will close the practice in June 2023.


Is there something holding you back from living your life to its fullest? Do you have a sense that life could somehow be more fulfilling? What if you could access more love and freedom through simple methods which release long-forgotten, old hurts and buried energies that barricade your heart?

One important key to free your heart from the tyranny of old emotional baggage is to release the heart-wall energy around it! 

When the heart-wall energy is released, be prepared to experience more love, freedom, lightness of being and more energy. Explore the Body Code system further to release imbalances on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual and become who you really are: A joyful being with an open heart!

Dr. Bradley Nelson, author and founder of The Body Code and The Emotion Code states, 

I believe that the single most important thing you can do for yourself is to get rid of the trapped negative emotions that are forming that “wall” around your heart. The Emotion Code is the only way that I know of to do this. It is the simplest, most efficient method of releasing trapped emotions ever devised. The release of trapped emotions is permanent, and it works for all ages.

Another important key to open the heart is identifying and releasing deep, faulty belief systems that can shade all aspects of life. We are often completely unaware of these deep beliefs, so how can we deal with them? T3 provides a simple way to access and address these faulty beliefs.

Gwen Legler, founder of Three Dimensional Therapy states, 

We empower people to realize their full potential and the joy that comes with it. We work with the past to change the future.


These modalities of energy healing promote harmony and balance within,  opening the heart and thereby can also relieve stress and support the bodyʼs natural ability to heal.

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