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It is Spirit, divine love, that heals. The work I do removes impediments between you and Spirit, so that you have a stronger connection to divine love. Releasing the blockages between you and Spirit allows divine love to flow into you where it needs to, to help you heal. 

Harold Klemp, in Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing, writes,

Remember that the main healing comes not from any outer source. Any true, humble doctor knows that healing does not come through pills, herbs, or anything else. It comes through the divine power—through the power of God getting through in some way to one individual to help bring about a healing. The individual is only a channel for this healing power that knows better than anyone else what you need.

Using the Body Code system, T3 and other modalities, I seek to identify and eliminate underlying imbalances by releasing energetic disharmony in the areas of beliefs, energy, circuitry, pathogens, structure, toxicity, and nutrition. 

Being able to assist fellow Souls on their journeys of self-discovery, and assisting with increasing harmony on various levels, gives me a deep sense of gratitude and wonder for this work which I am so privileged to do! 

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