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WHAT THEY SAY... Client Comments

The Body Code sessions have given me a sense of freedom. Hard to put into words but I released patterns that were holding me back from experiencing the full joy life has to offer. On a physical level my problems with my right eye are gone!!! My hip problems are now 80% gone, expect this will improve with time to 100%, and much more. But most surprising and wonderful is this new sense of joy and freedom!  
                                                                               —Benita Stafford-Smith,  Muscat, Oman


I have had many physical problems throughout my life.  Several have been helped through the more regular medical channels (surgeries), but despite many doctors examinations, a number of problems had never been addressed properly, until I experienced E-Code and then B-Code. I have undergone physical and mental changes in myself that I would never have believed possible.  My E-Code and B-Code sessions have primarily been through proxy.  These amazing healings have been such incredible 'gifts'.  I feel such JOY, it just bubbles up and wells over! Thank you, Gai. Oh, and E-Code has helped my dog and my cat a lot as well.  Again, thank you, Gai.
                                                                               —JK, Canada


Emotion Code:
I am so grateful for Gai's help. Emotion Code has made my family interactions simpler, clearer, more open and genuine: we have found Emotion Code to have fundamentally changed, for the better, the way we interact.
Body Code:
I have regained a health level that I haven't had for years!
My body feels like it is my own again. 
My immunity level has become strong again.
I feel connected to my body again.
There is no fog between my self and my body.
I have felt a weight and dullness lift that I had not been aware was weighing me down. 
I now approach life's challenges in a much more positive and balanced way. 
I can cope easily with issues that before would have overwhelmed me. Life is so much more fun.
I have tried to modify my behaviour and attitude for years [with some success] but the depth and the scope [with Gai and T3 modality] is profound and has absolutely changed me.  
I am so much more positive and flexible in my outlook now. 

Thank you so much Gai.
                                                                               —AD, Canada 


Gai has done extensive work for me over the years, starting with Emotion Code and then onto Body Code and finally T3. 

I have had congenital physical problems, some fairly extensive, and have been to many doctors, some that have helped me, many who have not. While the medical establishment has indeed helped my quality of life, there have been a number of issues that it has not had any answers for. Out of desperation and pain I turned to Gai, who has helped me through many energy work sessions.

Now I seldom have heart pain; I have much less joint pain; acute back pain has been reduced to very little. Gai has used all three modalities on me, and each one has its benefits. While the paths to the results have been at times unbelievable and convoluted, treatments have been very effective nevertheless.

Along with my physical body being much, much less pain ridden since Gai has done so much healing work with me, I am far less nervous or agitated. I have a much calmer outlook and countenance. This observation comes from people who have known me for a long time, but have no knowledge that Gai has done energy healing with me.

Am writing this in true gratefulness to Gai and the loving power of Energy that helps her.

Always grateful.

                                                                               —Kim Cartwright, Canada


I worked with Gai and was very impressed at her capabilities. She got to the core of one of my challenges and went through the process in a clear and orderly fashion. She was quite professional while still being empathetic. Her abilities of perception are exceptional.

I have had four extremely fine T3 sessions with Gai Lawson. I feel they were a great help to me especially in getting to areas that I don't think I could have found on my own. Gai was very perceptive, gentle and clear in her work. The results have been many--much more peace, clarity and acceptance of myself and others. Especially I appreciate her professionalism and the positive statements that she emailed to me quickly so that I could work with them further. 

                                                                               —Sharon Y, Florida


What They Say: About Companion Animals

"Buddy" was a farm dog who had lost the use of a foreleg. He'd been examined by a vet twice, had x-rays and there was no reason for his inability to use the leg. While telling me of this on the phone, Buddy's caregiver agreed to try The Emotion Code on him—this was my first proxy session with a four-legged being! 

In just a few minutes, three trapped energies were identified; shock, panic and shame. I learned that Buddy had been out "on patrol" and had been shocked to unexpectedly encounter some coyotes. He'd panicked and run home, instead of defending the farm, and felt shame for this.

After releasing the trapped energies, his caregiver went outside and called him. There was a long moment of silence and then she exclaimed that he was walking on all four legs with no problem at all—and had promptly run off to romp and play with his other canine friends. He hadn't been able to do this for three weeks and appeared very pleased to play and run again.


"Chiclet" was an older, small terrier who, after being attacked by a large bird of prey, refused to eat, refused to go outside, and had trouble with his back legs supporting him. 

After identifying and releasing six trapped energies (shock, worthless, pride, anger, failure and panic), the little dog went outside, did his "business" and resumed eating with a great appetite. The issue with his back legs was also resolved. He lived for several more years, a very happy little Soul.


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